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                本周各重磅消息紛紛落地,期現操作謹慎,而今周五期螺下殺超百點,回到了3820上方;鍍鋅方管管廠價格由橫盤觀望轉而隨行 走弱,市場表現迷茫,操作相對滯后。截至8月2日,濟南市場友發4寸(3.75mm)方管價格4260元(噸價,下同), 泰安市場友發4寸(3.75mm)方管價格4180元,青島市場友發4寸(3.5mm)鍍鋅管價格5000,濰坊市場利達4寸(3.5mm)鍍鋅管價格 5120元(噸價,下同),比上周同期方管價格下跌0-50元。

                This week's heavy news came to the ground one after another, with cautious operation, but this Friday's snail killing more than 100 points, returning to above 3820; galvanized square pipe factory prices from the sideways watch to follow the weak, market performance is confused, operation is relatively lagging behind. As of August 2, Youfa 4-inch (3.75mm) square pipe price in Jinan market was 4260 yuan (ton price, the same below), Youfa 4-inch (3.75mm) square pipe price in Taian market was 4180 yuan, Youfa 4-inch (3.5mm) galvanized pipe price in Qingdao market was 5000 yuan, Weifang market profit was 4-inch (3.5mm) galvanized pipe price was 5120 yuan (ton price, the same below), which was 0-50 yuan lower than the same period last week. Yuan. 原料方面

                Raw materials

                臨近月底,方管廠家多以出貨為主,而周內軋鋼廠復產并沒有給唐山鋼坯的需求帶來很大的提漲,價格既無大漲也無大跌,2日午后唐山、昌黎遷安鋼坯穩,現 普碳方坯含稅出廠3620,較上周累計下調20元;145mm系列帶鋼陸續復產接單,部分原計劃生產企業尚未復產開工率40.9%,較上周上漲 4.54%,相對緊缺;355系中寬帶報價現貨裸價主流現貨3520-3560,期貨3520-3530元左右,較上周累計下調60-90元,今周五宏觀 因素影響調整幅度較大,午盤市場恐慌情緒回歸平穩。

                Towards the end of the month, square tube manufacturers mostly focus on shipment, while the re-production of rolling mills within the week has not brought a great increase in the demand for Tangshan billets, and the price has neither risen nor fallen sharply. Tangshan and Changli Qian'an billets were stable in the afternoon of the 2nd day, and now ordinary carbon billets are taxed out of the factory 3620 yuan, down 20 yuan from last week; 145mm series of strips have been re-produced one after another. Some planned production enterprises have yet to resume production with a 40.9% start-up rate, up 4.54% from last week, which is relatively scarce; 355 system broadband quotation spot bare price mainstream spot 3520-3560, futures 3520-3530 yuan or so, down 60-90 yuan from last week, macro factors have a greater impact on adjustment this Friday, panic returned to the midday market. Smooth.


                Market Aspects of Galvanized Square Pipe

                本周(8.1)天津邯鄲唐山主導管廠廠內原料帶鋼庫存29.37萬噸,比上周同期減0.08萬噸;方管庫存8.59萬噸,比上周增0.04萬噸; 鍍鋅管庫存14.77萬噸,比上周同期增0.99萬噸;日均成交量4.76萬噸,比上周同期降0.03萬噸;價格累計下調30-120元不等,操作分歧。 山東地區資源多來自唐山、天津、邯鄲等地,在上游執行環保限產政策之際,市場報價多隨行變動,8月限產文件沒有下達,盼漲但成交弱。庫存方面,濟南市場焊 鍍管在統計貿易資源1.48萬噸,周比增8.82%;泰安市場鍍鋅方管在統計貿易資源1.60萬噸,周比增2.56%。

                This week (8.1) Tianjin Handan Tangshan Leading Pipe Factory has a stock of 293,700 tons of raw material strip steel, a decrease of 0.08 million tons over the same period last week; square pipe inventory of 859,900 tons, an increase of 0.04 million tons over the previous week; galvanized pipe inventory of 147,700 tons, an increase of 0.99 million tons over the same period last week; daily turnover of 476,600 tons, a decrease of 0.03 million tons over the same period last week; and the price of galvanized pipes has been reduced by 30,000 tons. 0-120 yuan, different operation. Shandong's resources are mostly from Tangshan, Tianjin, Handan and other places. When implementing the policy of environmental production restriction in the upstream, the market quotation changes with time. The production restriction document in August has not been issued, and the expectation is rising but the transaction is weak. In terms of inventory, there are 14.8 million tons of statistical trade resources for welded and galvanized pipes in Jinan market, an increase of 8.82% per week; 16 million tons of statistical trade resources for galvanized square pipes in Taian market, an increase of 2.56% per week.


                On the other hand, US President Trump said through social media on the afternoon of September 1 that the US would impose a 10% tariff on 300 billion US dollars imported from China from September 1 this year.


                In August, a new preliminary plan for air pollution control and control was announced, and the sintering production limit was about 20-50%.


                The unexpected news has tested the fundamentals of the period, the supply has not decreased, but the demand of the off-season market has not reached expectations. However, the author still has expectations for the support of coke raw materials. Next week, the mood of prudent operation may continue. The effect of de-stocking in Shandong galvanized square pipe market is not obvious. The new phase of agreement orders are multi-batch warehousing, and prices continue to bear pressure.

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